Outside the window
the freeway threw up enough cars
that they had to open a parking lot. People died
by the truckload and went straight up to heaven
where they were serenaded
by trumpets and virgins. The president
appeared on the radio and told us
that life was a very difficult and painful thing
that will always end in death. The president said
that we are all winners if we try hard enough
and that was the end of the president’s announcement.




Sasha Fletcher is the author of the novella WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED MARCHING BANDS WILL FILL THE STREETS AND WE WILL NOT HEAR THEM BECAUSE WE WILL BE UPSTAIRS IN THE CLOUDS [mud luscious 2010] and two chapbooks of poetry.


"precipitation is expected" by Fabio Sassi

what happens when you watch jaws backwards
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  • February 10, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    what happens when you read what happens when you watch jaws backwards backwards?

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