Jim Everhard


the screen was bigger than the sky/bigger than dream/
what massive eyeballs/the size of blimps/
hindenbergs aflame with desire/lips
as large as loch ness monsters/
bulletholes like flaming hoops in a cyclops’ circus/
the sherriff’s badge/a nova for the good guys/
black hats like milkyways of cruelty/how can I please you
in my diminutive world/your breasts so much larger now/
your groin a valley of pleasure/sweet groan of
horns & strings/a warning/drive in/drive/
in/we are lost on the superscreen/do I please you/
panting gunfire/his body falls with a thud as loud as
new york/stampede/horses gallop like world war three/
dust/what dust/they die & die again in the next feature/
die again tomorrow/ the day after/heros competing to die the most/
my lips are flimsy/my hands upon your body
fall limp/bullet ridden/superstar/how I swell


Jim Everhard is the author of a book of poems, Cute (1982). He grew up in Northern Virginia, served in the US Navy from 1966 to 1970, and spent the next eleven years working on a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from George Mason University. He lived in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. through the 1980s, until his early death from AIDS in 1986.